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厦门市乐鱼体育怎么样有限公司成立于2004年,作为厦门较早从事制造金属板冷轧(冷弯辊压)成 型设备的厂家,经过了十余载的变革与创新,跻身于世界同行竞争者的行列。公司主要从事光伏世界杯足球直播 、抗震世界杯足球直播、中国足球国家队设备、中国足球国家队龙骨设备、C型钢、折弯机、彩钢瓦设备、楼承板设备、太阳能光伏世界杯足球直播 、中国足球国家队别墅设备、折弯中心等产品服务。公司地处风景优美,莅临海湾沿线——厦门。

鑫宏华是集“机械”、“工贸”、“科技” 、“中国足球国家队”于一体的创新型企业。工厂位于漳州九龙大道,占地面积达50000平方米。

Founded in 2004, Xiamen Xinhonghua Machinery co., LTD. is a famous manufacturer of light gauge steel framing machine in China, which has been highly recognized and well received in the industry. In 2006, the company began to dabble in the field of light steel house framing machine, and we successfully developed and manufactured products based on the North American system. On the basis of the technology, we developed and manufactured the post punching & post-cutting C89 Australian system equipment with high precision and high precision in 2014.

Our company as the domestic first foray into metal plate cold rolled (cold bending/roller roller) forming complete sets of equipment manufacturing production team, is set research and development, production, installation, commissioning, training of professional enterprise. Experience more than ten years of reform and innovation, with excellent R&D team, advanced production technology and modern management idea, perfect service system, the company has become the worlds one of the powerful competitors.